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American Business & Personal Insurance, Inc., serves the insurance needs of many licensed contractors in Washington State. We write insurance for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC contractors, excavators, concrete contractors, dump truck contractors, utility contractors, street & parking lot pavers, janitors, landscapers, remodelers, home builders, general contractors, artisan contractors and more.

If you're needing a Contractor's License with L&I, we can help by getting you a Contractor's Bond and General Liability Insurance. Contact us today at (206) 361-0600 to discuss your contractor's insurance needs with us.

We also offer insurance for commercial automobiles, pick-up trucks, dump trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles. Please see our Automobile Insurance page to request a vehicle insurance quote.

The Specialty Contractor Bond for L&I is $6,000; the General Contractor Bond is $12,000.

Bond premiums are based on your credit score. We offer creative ways to handle hard-to-place bonds. Bond premiums are due in full when the bond is issued, however, in most cases, monthly installment plans are available.

Bond premiums are due in full when the bond is issued; however, in most cases, installment plans are available.

Most bonds we can quote while you're on the phone with us.  Insurance quotes can take anywhere between 1 and 48 hours to come back approved. Call us today at (206) 361-0600 or fill in the form below to request a quote.

Contractors Insurance & Bond Quote Request

To help us give you an accurate quote, please gather together the following information and have it ready when we communicate:

  • A copy of the face sheet from your current policy
  • Owner's full name, address, date of birth, social security number, drivers license number
  • List of drivers (full name, date of birth, license numbers)
  • List of vehicles (year, make/model, VIN #'s, GVW, cost when new)
  • List of equipment (year, make/model, serial #'s, dollar value)
  • Job list of past work
  • Sales (projected $ value) for the coming year
  • Subbed work (projected $ value) for the coming year
  • Employee payroll amount for the coming year
  • List of any claims or losses

We Can Provide You Coverage to Protect Your Assets.
PLEASE CALL US at (206) 361-0600.